Ambition looks good on you

What is your career ambition? Explore new technologies and innovate? Find a job with a sense of purpose? Keep learning and developing your talent? Work in a fun team? Or are you dreaming big, of stepping up the ladder and becoming a professional high-flyer? Great! All that fits just perfectly with our ambition! 

Ctac is passionate about technology and business. Still, it is ‘people’ who come first here! Our real ambition is to help our customers achieve their business objectives. So our people are team players who are great at listening to our customers. Who are greedy to learn, so that they can design the smartest IT solutions to fulfil our customers’ ambitions. And who love to celebrate our successes – because we couldn’t do without a bit of fun at work. Sounds like you?
When asking our people why they love working at Ctac, they often highlight how Ctac combines the best of both worlds: we act like a small business while growing large.

Big enough to cure …

That means that, like big companies, we can free up the resources to let our people learn, explore, experiment and embrace the latest technologies, so that they can innovate. We offer attractive career prospects and opportunities to help our colleagues raise the bar and live up to their ambitions.

… and small enough to care

At the same time, Ctac feels like a family where everyone knows what’s going on and cares. Our experienced people and newbies work closely together, we are all open to dialogue and we eagerly share experiences and know-how. We organize fun activities, because we believe that getting together sparks enthusiasm and helps breed revolutionary ideas. And thanks to our direct communication and lean organization, we are close to our customers and flexible enough to meet their needs.

That synergy between big and small, experienced and young, work and play makes us a top team of great people that all contribute to something bigger than themselves: the ambition of top companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Ready to accelerate your ambition and join our team? Then have a look at our vacancies and apply!

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