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Join the revolution. In a world that constantly upgrades and which requires flexible capacity, cloud computing makes progress possible. Why own servers and software? Just like factories of the past switched to an external electricity provider, modern organizations are migrating to the cloud. And the advantages are considerable: on-demand, flexible server capacity, always up-to-date software, lower costs and no more high investment costs or care for maintenance. Ctac offers you complete control of the cloud, with low and predictable pricings and without any nonsense. Just the functionality, power and flexibility you need, integrated within your current IT ecology, so you can focus on your core-business. 

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Enjoy the complete experience of infrastructure in the cloud. Ready to handle any task. 

Application Management

After an intensive implementation process, you want a consistent and optimal performance from your SAP systems, Microsoft applications and office automation. Application Management


SAP Hana

Speedy analysis of all your data. With SAP HANA, you generate real-time reports and respond proactively to market developments.

SAP Cloud for Sales

SAP Cloud for Sales connects classic CRM functions with simple operation as you know from social networks. 

Working everywhere

Constant access to a reliable workplace, online and offline. With Ctac, your facilities are always up-to-date and ready for use. Working everywhere

Our references

We would like to tell you about our solutions ourselves, but our customers are equally keen to do so. We are happy to give them the floor. 



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