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Bridge the gap between IT and Business

Develop new applications more quickly

Breakfast session: Bridge the gap between IT and Business

24 March 2020 | Den Bosch

Date & place 
To be announched
Ctac, Meerendonkweg 11, 5216 TZ ’s-Hertogenbosch

Who is it for?
IT architects, enterprise architects, IT service managers, service managers, marketing managers, commercial managers

What can you expect?
In this digital era, there has been a sharp increase in demand from business for smart applications in the last few years. This change has impacted organisations considerably. IT is now expected to keep applications up to date at all times, and to stay up to date with changes. IT departments often struggle to meet this demand because they're short on time, resources and capacity.

This makes it a challenge to keep IT environments secure, manageable and cost-efficient. What's more, IT is often unable to provide the speed of service business requires, meaning their collaboration may run into difficulties. Business doesn't want to miss any opportunities, and so may resort to applications they have 'discovered' themselves.

In this session
In this breakfast session, we'll set out the tools you can use to improve collaboration and develop new applications more quickly. In this session, you'll learn:

  • How you can enable the business to place new products from a controlled IT environment on the market - fast.
  • How to develop add-ons for applications and temporary applications together and independently, for example as part of a marketing and sales campaign.
  • How to ensure smooth collaboration between IT and business by offering better support and the right tools.

During this breakfast session, Ctac's Business Development Manager Jeroen Scholte will go through some of the challenges you will face and the best ways of tackling them. He'll be joined by Wim Hummel, ICT Manager at Suiker Unie, who will share some real-life experiences. He'll give us some insight into the approach the company has taken to meet the needs of business and offer some practical advice. Arjo van Oosten, Director Digital Transformation at Mendix, will then show us how a number of organisations use low-code development to quickly develop new applications and add-ons.

08:30 Arrival and breakfast
09:15 Opening by Jeroen Scholte, Business Development Manager at Ctac
09:30 Knowledge session by Wim Hummel, ICT Manager at Suiker Unie
10:00 Break
10:15 Session on 'Stepping Out from Shadow IT' with Jeroen Scholte
10:45 Knowledge session with Arjo van Oosten, Director Digital Transformation at Mendix
11:15 Wrap up

How to register
If you're interested, simply fill in your details on the right to register!
Meerendonkweg 11
5216 TZ ’s-Hertogenbosch
Ctac has parking. You can find the entrance to the right of the Ctac and BDO site. Register at the gate.
Do you have any questions in the meantime or do you have specific diet requests regarding the breakfast? Contact us on +31 (0)73 692 06 92 or via