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Why a section on blogs?

Blogging is a way of creating a platform for a visionary. Someone who has worked for many years in the 'ICT discipline' and has experienced all the different developments in this industry. Someone who has their own view on all this. Ctac currently has a number of bloggers who are happy to share their opinions via their blog-posts.

Transport's key role in the demand-driven value chain

Delivery is a big deal nowadays. The consequence being that transport plays a pivotal role in the battle for the customer. So how do organisations match the specific delivery conditions that customers expect of them these days?

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How do you make sure that the data explosion remains relevant? Stay connected

Retailers possess such a large amount of data that they are able to properly profile their customers. The trick is to make sure that this information is relevant for your business and to segment the data on an individual level in each different phase of the customer journey. How can you do that? Stay connected.
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How do you live up to your customers’ expectations? Take control

Internally you might be able to simplify a complicated ordering process, unclear stock information, or minimize price differences in channels by blaming legacy systems or the silos in the organizational structure. But your customers aren’t interested in these arguments. So how do you prevent them switching to other suppliers? The answer - take control.   Read more

How do you optimise the customer experience? Be personal

Your customers expect you to surprise them all the time. How do you handle that? By adjusting your personal approach to every touchpoint in the customer journey. This goes far beyond personalisation: every employee and system need to know who the customer is and what kind of relationship they have with the company. Read more

Solving the mystery: why is your COO so cautious about decreasing stock levels?

Other C-level executives in an enterprise are left scratching their heads when the company’s COO shoots down a proposal to decrease stock levels. Explore some of the reasons why, do away with the finger-pointing and learn what you can do to support healthy inventory management by running leaner, paying attention to details and enhancing performance.
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Direct-to-Consumer: digital, diversity and data

In more and more industry sectors, manufacturers and producers are seeing consumers as an interesting direct sales channel. Increasing sales or margins is not the only reason for the move to D2C. Branding is an equally important driving force. Read more

Thanks to the IoT, micro-moments can now be used regardless of channel

Thanks to the IoT, it is now possible to offer offline customers an online experience. This enriched customer journey does not have to be limited to your own stores, but can take place anywhere. Some examples follow.

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Customer Engagement: five important trends

Every retailer, every wholesale dealer and more often, every manufacturer has to provide engaged customers. How better than to do so than by offering the ultimate omnichannel experience?
This goes beyond placing orders and having them delivered. We notice five important trends regarding customer engagement.
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Customer focused Analytics in the era of digital transformation

Digital transformation is not about changing the way we do technology but about changing the way we do business. As technology is an enabler, your online (and offline) success relies primarily on understanding how to innovate and leverage your digital data to drive sales and productivity.
The basic rule in business is that you need to be smarter, faster and better than the competition … so you need to have superior insight into your customers’ needs, behavior and profitability. But how does this relate to digital transformation? Do the ordinary rules of business still apply?
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Optimise your Master Data Management before entering the IoT era

Internet of Things (IoT) can and will change business models, increase productivity and even our way of life. It’s an exciting topic that is getting a lot of attention. Meanwhile products like SAP Leonardo and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite reach enterprise grade maturity levels. But are you ready to exploit the full potential of IoT? Many businesses are thinking about investing in IoT infrastructures. But what many people seem to forget is the importance of Master Data Management (MDM). It’s a critical – albeit not that sexy – enabler for IoT initiatives to succeed. I will explain why.
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Data Quality, Data Quality and Data Quality

During the last couple of months I had the pleasure to speak with many data management experts. Actually the passion for data is overwhelming and the conversations lively. Many topics come to the table and we all do things different but with a similar purpose. This purpose is contribute to the success of the company you work for by managing data in the most optimal way. One thing we have all in common and it keeps on coming back and that is data quality. The data quality challenge is the hardest one for all of us. Read more

Moving to the cloud? Don't forget your users!

Often I find myself going to companies where the workers are increasingly talking about an imminent relocation. Normally, you would be be stumbling over removal boxes in the corridors and everything has a sticker on it. Absolutely everyone is curious about their new work station and the new coffee machine. More recently, however, I notice there are fewer and fewer moving boxes lying around. That’s because these relocations are very different: the companies in question are relocating to the cloud. Read more

9 challenges that can ruin your Master Data Management implementation

Master Data Management is today a commonly used term and most of us know what we "really" mean when we mention Master Data Management. However implementing a sustainable Master Data Management strategy is a different story there are enough challenges to overcome. I created a list with the 9 main challenges that can ruin a Master Data Management implementation. Do you recognize them? Read more

Love and Marriage: How IT and Business are partners for life…

A couple weeks ago I had the honour to visit a multinational with activities in the electronic devices segment. They produce and sell beautiful items we all know and probably use in our daily activities. This meeting was scheduled with the IT Director of Europe and his associate. The main subject of the day: data management and the usage of tooling for data management. From this perspective it is always interesting to have the IT at the table. When we went ahead about the (use of) applications the three following items came up: authorization, business use and fear. Read more

Will "Industry 4.0" replace "Lean"?

How ‘Digital transformation’ can transform an activity from ‘Waste’ into ‘Value Added’ Read more

The Ctac River

About 6 months ago, Ctac gave me the opportunity to join their team of SAP consultants. I had just finished a course on ABAP development, but felt that my personal ambition was to become a functional consultant. I was given the unique opportunity to start on a big real estate project that was about to kick off. Not knowing what was about to come, I took the plunge and started swimming. This brings me to the reason why I am writing this blog: Write about my experience as a junior in the course of this project.  Read more


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