You probably know Business Intelligence (BI) as a process for making raw data accessible and analysing and understanding them. But for Ctac, BI is more than that: to us, data must be turned into information that can lead to action. We therefore ensure that your investments in BI also lead to a real competitive advantage: well founded process management and better risk control.

BI Maturity Scan

How intelligent is your BI organisation? Analyse and grow with advice and a step-by-step plan to reach the level of maturity that you require. BI Maturity Scan

BI Membership

For a fixed monthly fee, Ctac will optimise your BI capacity, without requiring costly investments. BI Membership


Big Data

Smartphones, RFID, Twitter, TVs and cameras — Big Data is everywhere. Ctac helps you identify the value in your large data sets and implement the right software.

Faster analysis

Speedy analysis of all your data. With SAP HANA, you generate real-time reports and respond proactively to market developments.

Our references

We would like to tell you about our solutions ourselves, but our customers are equally keen to do so. We are happy to give them the floor. 


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