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With Winshuttle, you transform the way your organisation works. Thanks to powerful workflow-enabled processes and smart IT, everyday SAP users become power users. They can then guarantee data quality, streamline projects and continually improve processes in an unrivalled way. Your employees also save more time for their primary tasks. Ctac is therefore proud to call itself the exclusive partner of Winshuttle.

Lean Data Management

How much does your ‘data burden’ cost you? Stop unnecessary losses with this smart and efficient solution. Lean Data Management

How it works...

Winshuttle is flexible software that optimises your business activities in several different areas. How it works...


Tobias Pauwels

Tobias Pauwels

Sales Account Manager
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Winshuttle has various solutions to simplify your master data management. See the Winshuttle products here:


Practical webinars, white papers and case studies on the use of various Winshuttle products on this page

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