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Online, the world is just a click away. Why shouldn’t you have the same transparency and convenience in your own retail business? The Ctac XV Retail cash register system combines existing channels in your ICT and makes them more transparent and powerful than ever before. It therefore makes your cash register system better for you, your employees and customers, in both online and offline sales.

Integrated cash register system

The total solution for your cash register system from Ctac Retail. For innovation and efficiency, from shop floor to office.

Sales everywhere with omnichannel

Open for business in all channels with omnichannel retailing. Offer your customers optimal service, online and offline.  


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Ctac's in-depth sectoral knowledge has produced a retail solution for several specific retail sectors.

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Our customer Maxeda

How do you create the basis for a solid cash register environment for the next ten years? Maxeda was able to achieve this ambition.

Our references

We would like to tell you about our solutions ourselves, but our customers are equally keen to do so. We are happy to give them the floor. 


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