Bring your most relevant applications, messages and calendar data together at a glance in iConnect: the homepage for your modern workplace that is tailored to your employees’ needs.

A modern workplace that works for you

We work in a digital world in which information is exchanged in no time at all. We increasingly work in networks instead of in hierarchical lines. Unfortunately, the workplace often lags behind – but employees still expect a smooth, modern workplace to be able to make the best use of their time.


That's why Ctac offers you iConnect, the smart workplace that works for you. A modern work environment in which you can share and collaborate, with smart technology that makes work easier for your employees.
Thanks to iConnect, you can draw up a tailor-made homepage for your organisation so that employees can quickly find the latest company news, events and applications, whether it's for entering working hours or getting the latest HR news. What’s more, employees can use iConnect to search for clients, projects, products, suppliers and files quickly and easily. And the best bit is you can design iConnect in your organisation's house style!

Efficient collaboration, searches and meetings

The iConnect environment, which is based on Microsoft SharePoint, helps your employees to work together against ever-changing backdrops. Create collaborative environments around specific projects, clients or products, and give external partners access to your environments, too.
If you purchase Office 365 from Ctac, you will receive an iConnect page as a gift – and you can get to grips with this smart homepage at your own pace.

Microsoft Teams

An important part of iConnect, Microsoft Teams is the integrated platform for communication and collaboration within your organisation and allows you to make sure that information is always provided in the right context – whether it's chatting with colleagues, holding video conferences, sharing files or working together seamlessly.

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