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Running a business in the food production and trade is undoubtedly one of today’s major challenges. For example, better lead times, quality and traceability - and all this at lower costs. Ctac can help you anticipate these using Best Practices and industry-specific solutions such as Run4Food, Run4Feed and Run4Fresh. These powerful software solutions build on our long experience in this industry and are suited to all players (regardless of their size) in the food industry.

The food sector

Speed is crucial in the food sector. The customer is key and change is the order of the day. Special offer: special food software!

Food solution brochure

Read the brochure on the Ctac Run4Food template. Food software developed specifically for the food industry.


Consumer Products

Especially for the plants sector:

Standard work with a range of plant varieties, sizes and colours. Flourishing thanks to IT? Optimisation for wholesalers in the plants sector.

Our customer The Greenery

The Greenery explains how it has implemented a company-wide ERP system in forty countries, fully geared to its own sector.

Our references

We would like to tell you about our solutions ourselves, but our customers are equally keen to do so. We are happy to give them the floor. 


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