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In the retail trade, you don’t want to have to think too much about the base. That should happen automatically. A streamlined and flexible system tailored to your sector and processes therefore offers the best basis for growth. Only then can you truly focus on your core business. At Ctac, we believe in systems that create clarity. Systems that are perfectly in line with your ambitions for the future. Which is why we provide full integration when we start work. We use templates that are geared to the retail trade, developed after long experience with numerous companies in this sector. Insight, analysis and efficiency for your clicks and bricks. Welcome to Ctac Retail. 

The retail trade

Our solution geared to the retail trade supports an integrated shop automation system on all levels: sales, purchasing, logistics and inventory management.

Cash register system

The total solution for your cash register system from Ctac Retail. For innovation and efficiency, from shop floor to office.



Sales everywhere with omnichannel

Open for business in all channels with omnichannel retailing. Offer your customers optimal service, online and offline.  

Especially for the Fashion sector

Retail from Ctac, tailored to essential processes in the fashion sector. Our fashion software solution for all seasons.

Especially for the Food sector

A template developed especially for the food sector. The food software solution based on best practices.

Especially for the Electronics sector

The total solution for support and overview fully geared to the brown and white goods sector

Especially for the Furniture sector

The template with specific furniture functionality, so that you can work more accurately and make better deliveries. 

Our references

We would like to tell you about our solutions ourselves, but our customers are equally keen to do so. We are happy to give them the floor. 








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