Put your customer first

In this world, you need to continue to stand out and exceed your customers' high expectations by surprising them time after time, and you need to ensure that you can manage your back-end processes in a streamlined, cost-effective way.


In a world where everything revolves around the customer, retailers need to fully understand and be able to influence each individual customer's journey – from positioning, making decisions and making a purchase to product deliveries and returns. Every step on that customer journey raises specific issues and challenges for retailers – from ensuring optimal availability of product information and stock to handling returns both logistically and financially, and from attracting new customers to transforming ordinary shoppers into loyal fans.

Put your customer first

All retailers looking for the right answers would do well to get to know our House of Retail. We offer clear advice, supporting services and smart solutions for any retail company that truly wants to put the customer first.

Return Management

Whereas in the past the focus was primarily on outgoing goods flows, retailers with an online store today increasingly need to be able to handle a variety of product returns.

Warehouse Management

You want to meet customer expectations as much as possible, regardless of the channel you are serving them through. That means you need to be in full control of your inventory and stock levels.

Customer Engagement

Customers expect more. They want a fantastic customer experience and relevant offers. How can you exceed customer expectations and beat the competition? The answer is customer engagement.


Fit4Food: a powerful, all-embracing solution that offers insights into your entire business operation.

Omni Customer Loyalty

Do you want to introduce a customer card, issue gift cards, offer employees a discount, or subscribe to loyalty programmes offered by third parties? With Omni Customer Loyalty you can easily run loyalty programmes that reward your loyal customers.

Whitepaper: Surprise in customer interactions

The how en why of Customer Engagement in Retail, Wholesale en Manufacturing.

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Know what a customer costs by creating a 360 degree view

Blog - September 3 2018, Thijs den Dikken, 4 min reading time

Bringing in new and loyal customers with effective campaigns via the right channels, while you’re also aware of the exact cost of every new customer. Back this up with data and stay within the available budget.

Your customer expects a personal approach


Do you know your customers through and through? Do you know their favourite colours or hobbies? A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.