Successful wholesalers turn customers into a fan

Producers and end customers are able to find each other with an increasing degree of ease. As a result, the boundaries between retail and wholesale are becoming blurred. If wholesalers respond well to this new reality, they will be able to turn customers into fans.


Wholesale companies used to think primarily in terms of pallets. Today, it is the most normal thing in the world for a wholesaler to sends boxes containing just one product. However, this doesn't change the fact that this package needs to reach the end customer as quickly as possible. Wholesalers have to deliver products more quickly as well as more frequently.

The customer is in charge

The end customer has become the determining factor. Thanks to the transparency offered by the internet, consumers and business buyers are able to navigate the global supply of goods at lightning speed. It has never been easier to track down and buy the right product. Customers go with the wholesaler who offers the best price, the quickest delivery times and the best customer experience.

These requirements determine the approaches adopted by wholesale firms, which are increasingly required to act as managers of the chain. Finding, retaining and surprising customers is key. That might sound simple, but it has an enormous impact on every aspect of the organisation – from logistics and customer engagement to service, finance and after-sales.

Transport & Yard Management

End customers, retailers and business buyers expect wholesalers to deliver quickly. Order today, deliver tomorrow is the rule. This means that suppliers need to be flexible.

After Sales

As wholesalers are increasingly delivering to end customers, these companies are now also having to deal with customers who ask questions, expect a good service and return products at will.

Customer Engagement

Truly put the customer first. At a time when customers can easily switch suppliers, the ability to find, retain and surprise customers has become essential.

Omni Customer Loyalty

Do you want to introduce a customer card, issue gift cards, offer employees a discount, or subscribe to loyalty programmes offered by third parties? With Omni Customer Loyalty you can easily run loyalty programmes that reward your loyal customers.


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Whitepaper: Surprise in customer interactions

The how and why of Customer Engagement in Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing.

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