cNOW, taste the future

25 October 2018 | 13h30 - 18h00

cNOW, Taste the future

Thursday, October 25, 2018 | Palm Brewery Steenhuffel

What a great day at a splendid location! A big thank you to our inspirational speakers, enthusiastic participants and partners. And last but not least, our host Palm Brewery.
Check out the aftermovie! 

We hope to welcome you at another Ctac event in the future! 


13h30 Registration and drinks
14h00 Welcome 
14h20 Keynote speaker Dr. Roeland Dietvorst
15h05 Q&A 
15h20 Coffee break 
15h45 Break out sessions
17h30 Wrap up with comedian Adam Fields
18h00 Beer tasting and food pairing. You won't go home hungry or thirsty! 

Keynote speaker

As a human being we live in the illusion that we take rational decisions and are in control of our behaviour. But neuroscience proofs otherwise. Dr. Roeland Dietvorst will show us what goes on in the unconscious mind of a consumer. What roles do emotion and intuition play in this? And how can you consciously measure and steer that data? A speaker that you definitely don’t want to miss!

The tracks

Customise the agenda to your taste and register for one of the following tracks. Each track will be spiced up with trends, our vision, customer cases and demos

The demand-driven world asks for new competencies. The key players: Connected Supply Chain, Warehouse management and Logistics. 

  1. VALEO: The business value of moving to SAP Extended Warehouse Management               (speaker Rene van den Berg)
  2.  DURACELL: Real time integration from SAP to Shopfloor. Read more.                                    (speaker Paul Nuyts)

OFFICE OF THE CFO - watch the vlog
Interested in getting to know the future of Finance? Imagine one fully integrated financial landscape with easy to use planning and reporting features. Our expert will explain how WERMINVAL took their first steps. In addition witness several live demos of SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4 Finance.


  1. WML LIMBURGS DRINKWATER: Best of both worlds – SAP & Sharepoint. Read more.     (speaker Aart Nap)
  2. DELL BOOMI: The key to your company’s future is managing the entire end-to-end workflow: the people, process and technology. Boomi delivers all of this in a unified platform.           (speaker Jan-Willem Koppers)                                                                                                           
  3. AG REAL ESTATE: How did they deal with GDPR and the challenges of integration?           (speaker Toon Sneyers)

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT - watch the vlog
Your customer is in the driver’s seat. How do you exceed customers’ expectations and leapfrog the competition? Hear all about it from our experts.


Attend the session of your choice: 

  1. Workshop: How can Design Thinking boost your digital journey? Turn the best ideas into an artistic vision of the possible.  
  2. Hands on session: Maximising your digital growth with SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD.   
  3. Meet the experts
  • MENDIX: Leader in Low-Code and High Productivity Platform-as-a-Service. Video
  • OMETA: First no_code no_data platform for the connection between SAP & O365.
  • WINSHUTTLE: Innovate at the speed of business. Data movement, workflow applications, data governance.
  • INRIVER: Leader in Product Information Management (PIM) solutions which redefine the way e-commerce product marketers and merchandisers work. inRiver’s PIM helps create, update, refresh, maintain and distribute content about products globally driving increased revenue, customer satisfaction and brand equity.
  • DELL BOOMIThe key to your company’s future is managing the entire end-to-end workflow: the people, process and technology. Boomi delivers all of this in a unified platform.
  • INSIDE SCM: Empower Supply Chain Management together. insideSCM helps companies improve their performance and tackle their most serious challenges.