Cloud security

External parties breaking into your network and gaining access to your company data or disrupting your processes simply doesn't bear thinking about. This places significant demands on your cloud landscape and the way in which you secure your systems.

Security is a universal challenge

Security is a universal challenge with a huge range of aspects to it. You want to make sure nobody can access your systems or data without proper authorisation. At the same time, you want to continue to allow your users to work conveniently wherever they are in the world, without burdening them with endless security procedures.

Cloud security

You also want to prevent viruses and hackers from gaining access to your systems. Today, a good firewall and virus scanner are no longer enough to keep malicious external parties at bay. A hacker may attack one part of your system on one occasion and then do something else to a completely different part the following week – all with the ultimate aim of gaining access to your systems. It is not enough to simply log and retrospectively analyse such attempts. You need to keep monitoring every interaction with your IT environment and be able to identify suspicious patterns immediately.

Create a secure cloud environment

Ctac helps you to create a secure cloud environment. We do this in a number of different ways. For example, we can conduct a practical vulnerability scan, which we use to create a full fingerprint of your systems and identify even the most minor weaknesses. Based on the results of this scan, you can immediately set priorities and gradually improve the security of your data and processes.

In addition to closing any gaps, we help you to monitor your systems and identify any threats. This is why we enable you to continuously monitor and analyse all interactions with your systems via a dedicated Security Operation Centre. You can take immediate countermeasures as soon as any suspicious behaviour is detected, allowing you to minimise the impact.

All systems hosted by Ctac meet the highest security standards. It is our policy not to publicise any detailed information in this area, but you can rest assured that we have thought about everything. You can purchase different security layers from Ctac, and alongside the basic level – which is already highly robust – we offer additional, more specific forms of security.


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