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The complexity of business processes in multi-cloud environments continues to increase. Security and cloud integration are the main challenges. The right strategy is therefore key.

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Are you looking for an SAP or Microsoft consultant on a temporary basis? If so, you're in the right place at Ctac Resourcing. We have very experienced SAP and Microsoft consultants who work for us on a permanent basis. We also have a high-quality network of freelance consultants available.

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Expertise in various branches

Throughout the years and based on concrete customer cases, Ctac has built business and IT expertise in different branches. Our teams excel in their knowledge about our customers and their processes. The solutions we propose are industry-specific.

Your customer expects you to surprise him all the time

Today’s customers always want more: more personalised offers and deals that are more relevant and more consistent across channels.

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Action improves efficiency thanks to Ctac’s XV5 point-of-sale system

19 February 2019, 2 min reading time

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International discount retailer Action is enjoying the first benefits of the optimization of its point-of-sale system (POS) XV Retail and Omni Customer Loyality program (OCL), realized by Business & Cloud Integrator Ctac.

Advanced Returns Management: a smooth returns process from inspection to crediting

20 February 2019, Johan Looijmans, 4 min reading time

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For many organisations, processing returns remains a complicated process requiring many administrative actions. This blog post examines the problem areas of returns management and explains how you can easily resolve them.

cNOW, taste the future

25 October 2018, what a great day at a splendid location! A big thank you to our inspirational speakers, enthusiastic participants and partners. And last but not least, our host Palm Brewery.

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