About Ctac

Your success is our success. In brief, that is our starting point. We focus on unburdening our customers in order to enable them to fully focus on realising their... Read more 

Working at Ctac

Ambition looks good on you
What is your career ambition? Explore new technologies and innovate? Find a job with a sense of purpose... Read more


Be on the edge of the latest news @Ctac. Customer and commercial successes, interesting news on knowledge or expertise areas, feedback on events... Read more


Ctac regularly takes part in IT-events. We also organise our own events and workshops from time to time. Read more

Your business

Throughout the years and based on concrete customer cases, Ctac has built business and IT expertise in different industries. For most of these key industries... Read more

Our expertise

Some capabilities and solutions we offer to the market are industry independent. Based on implementations at various customers, we packaged some... Read more

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