What would your ideal factory look like? At Ctac we believe that the ideal factory is built on a solid foundation. A foundation that we will help you create. Giving you maximum insight into planning schedules, purchase orders, actual costs, delivery reliability and inventories. Everything you need to protect your margins and generate an optimal revenue. The right foundation protects you by providing the needed agility. And each process adds value to the customer. Changing conditions are no longer a problem for you; instead, you take advantage of them. Discover how Ctac can add value to your business. Take the first step towards your ideal factory.


Eli  Decadt

Eli Decadt

Sales Manager
+32 470 20 96 57


Staying agile in a world that is developing at an ever increasing rate. How is your organisation doing? Find out more.


Ctac enables you to have insight into your margins, ensuring a healthy business, both now and in the future. Do you know what your margins are? Find out more.

Delivery Performance

Reliable delivery is an important objective in any business. Do you have a grip on your lead times? Find out more.

Real-time Insight

Work in real time and reduce the distance between production scheduling and shop floor. Accurate registration and analysis by means of the floor registration system (FRS). Find out more.

Customer Value

Ensure that meeting your customers’ requirements becomes second nature in your organisation. How customer-centric are you? Find out more.

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